Mastery: Mining

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Mastery: Mining
Mastery: Mining
The Mastery of mining and processing materials.

Mining is a crafting mastery.

Learns how to mine and smelt ores.

As your skills level up, you can mine ores faster and produce better ingots."

Leveling[edit | edit source]

Mining can be leveled by destroying coal veins, copper veins, iron veins, mithril veins, mineral water, sparkling water, glacial water, and big rocks.

It can also be leveled through the crafting of materials.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Req. Level Item Materials
1 Chipped Stone 2 Stone
Mining Camp
9 Lime Powder 1 Lime Stone
10 Copper Ore 4 Copper
3 Charcoal
13 Stone Brick 2 Stone
15 Plaster 1 Lime Powder
1 Sand
1 Hay
25 Iron Ore 4 Iron
3 Charcoal
28 Brick Material 4 Sand
8 Dirt
2 Lime Powder
2 Water
32 Coal Ore 8 Coal
40 Mithril Ore 4 Mithril 3 Brown Charcoal