Mastery: Tinkering

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Mastery: Tinkering
Mastery: Tinkering
The Mastery of making small sophisticated tools.

Tinkering is a crafting mastery.

Learns how to craft small and useful items.

As your skill levels up, you can craft a wider range of items.

List of crafted items[edit | edit source]

Name Req Mastery Material
Crude Dagger Tinkering (0) Bone Piece.png Bone Piece x1 Twig.png Twig x1
Crude Knife Tinkering (2) 18px Tin Piece x2 Twig.png Twig x2
[[File:|40px]] Fishing Rod Tinkering (1)
[[File:|40px]] Rough Grip Tinkering (10)
[[File:|40px]] Tin Needle Tinkering (9)
Torches Tinkering (0) Twig.png Twig x5