Rev 4434

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Released - 31 March, 2016

  • Walls has been given a new look, and wooden ladders has been implemented.
  • Wall construction AI has been also upgraded! You can build your own walls more freely. It will make your walls and base much more perfect, even though you’re not good at construction.
  • Forge and Tailor Workshop can now be upgraded to level 4. Novice, Artificer, Master and Legendary.
  • Guild territory feature changes: My-guild-boundary-marking feature on construction UI has been updated. You will be able to extend you guild territory infinitely, then you will be also able to divide you territory into more than 2 parts.
  • Guild marks have been added. You can change your guild mark in your guild hall, it will be displayed on your guild members’ cloaks and shields.
  • Taming: Taming system has been upgraded. You can make your own mount by putting a saddle on animals, but they might die if you won’t give enough food or fuels to them, since they’re real, alive. lol. Don’t forget feed them regularly. You can increase their satiety by giving enough food or fuels to them. (Caution: you can ONLY tame cows for now.)
  • Tutorial: The tutorial for novice has been also added. Just take a look carefully when you make a character at the beginning. You will be able to find a bit weird… Robinson’s diary and tutorial items in your inventory.
  • The Mermen Attack: New monsters including Big Jaw Merman, Thorn Merman, Sawblade Merman and Nemo Merman.

Bug Fixes

  • Reward won’t be dropped if someone kills a criminal in the same guild.
  • Center menu didn’t work well sometimes when you re-login to ToL while mounting. It’s fixed.
  • Residues of items inside a cart didn’t disappear, whenever you hold the cart, and then put the cart on the ground. It’s fixed.
  • If you re-login to ToL after breaking your building remains, then they appeared again. It’s fixed.
  • Login process has been improved.
  • Character duplication issue was fixed.