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Wood Tin Copper Iron Mithril
Wooden Hammer.png Wooden Hammer 20px Tin Dagger 20px Copper Short Sword Iron Handaxe.png Iron Handaxe 20px Mithril Sword
20px Twig Bow 20px Tin Handaxe 20px Copper Handax 20px Iron Sword 20px Mithril Hammer
20px Wooden Great Hammer 20px Tin Sword Copper Hammer.png Copper Hammer 20px Iron Hammer 20px Mithril Handaxe
20px Tin Pike 20px Copper Sword 20px Iron Short Sword 20px Mithril Short Sword
20px Tin Great Axe 20px Copper Great Axe 20px Iron Great Hammer 20px Mithril Pike
20px Tin Great Sword 20px Copper Great Sword 20px Iron Great Sword 20px Mithril Great Sword
20px Wooden Shield 20px Copper Great Hammer 20px Iron Pike 20px Mithril Great Axe
20px Copper Pike 20px Iron Great Axe 20px Mithril Great Hammer
20px Copper Round Shield 20px Iron War Shield 20px Mithril Round Shield
Copper Gladius.png Copper Gladius 20px Iron Basilard 20px Mithril Warhammer
20px Copper Basilard 20px Iron Battleaxe 20px Mithril Battleaxe
20px Copper Warhammer 20px Iron Warhammer 20px Mithril Gladius
20px Copper Battleax 20px Iron Gladius 20px Mithril Basilard
20px Copper Couse 20px Iron Bastard Sword 20px Mithril Great Warhammer
20px Copper Great Battleax 20px Iron Great Warhammer 20px Mithril Bastard Sword
20px Copper Bastard Sword 20px Iron Great Battleaxe 20px Mithril Couse
20px Copper Great Warhammer 20px Iron Couse 20px Mithril Great Battleaxe
20px Copper War Shield 20px Iron Round Shield 20px Mithril War Shield
Copper Dagger.png Copper Dagger Iron Hookaxe.png Iron Hookaxe 20px Mithril Hookaxe
Copper Mace.png Copper Mace 20px Iron Dagger 20px Mithril Dagger
20px Copper Scimitar Iron Mace.png Iron Mace 20px Mithril Mace
Copper Hookaxe.png Copper Hookaxe 20px Iron Scimitar 20px Mithril Scimitar
20px Copper Great Mace 20px Iron Great Mace 20px Mithril Great Mace
20px Copper Halberd 20px Iron Polearm Mithril Polearm.png Mithril Polearm
20px Copper Claymore 20px Iron Claymore 20px Mithril Claymore
20px Copper Polearm 20px Iron Halberd 20px Mithril Halberd
20px Copper Tower Shield 20px Iron Tower Shield 20px Mithril Tower Shield
20px Copper Flatbow 20px Iron Flatbow 20px Mithril Flatbow
20px Copper Reflex Bow 20px Iron Reflex Bow 20px Mithril Reflex Bow
20px Copper Longbow 20px Iron Longbow 20px Mithril Longbow